Bleu Acier specializes in sculpture, drawings and editions, including prints, monotypes, multiples and books. Founded in 2003 by Erika Greenberg-Schneider in Tampa, Florida, the showroom gallery is going through a renaissance and will reopen in March 2024.

The name Bleu Acier is inspired by Virginia Woolf and her novel The Waves. As the six characters blend their thoughts in search of the real, Louis adds: “But there is a chain whirling round, round, in a steel blue circle beneath.” As the material steel heats to 575 degrees, it turns blue allowing for its maximum transformative possibility.

Bleu Acier is also is a limited edition fine art print publisher and collaborative workshop, After living and working in Paris, France for 20 years, Master Printer Erika Greenberg-Schneider established Bleu Acier in 2003 in Tampa, Florida. The atelier specializes in Intaglio, Photogravure, Stone Lithography, Relief and Monotype. In 2011, Erika was Knighted by the French Government as Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et Lettres for the work she does promoting French Artists and Culture.

Bleu Acier collaborates with artists on limited editions, multiples and artists books that possess the strength and drive of their work in other media. These often very rare editions integrate the overall vision of the artist's oeuvre. Bleu Acier has published works by Dominique Labauvie, Richard Dupont, Pierre Mabille, Bernar Venet, Paula Scher, Joe Fyfe, Sylvie Eyberg, Stefan Sagmeister, Noelle Mason, William Douglas, Matthew Drennan Wicks and Marie Yoho Dorsey. In addition to publishing, we collaborate on projects commissioned by other publishers, galleries, and artists.

As a collaborative Master Printer, Erika has worked with artists such as Roberto Enchurien Matta, Jean Dubuffet, Pierre Alechinsky, Beverly Pepper, Georg Baselitz, Keith Haring, Chuck Close, Jonathan Horowitz and Jane Hammond.