Brookhart Jonquil was born in Santa Cruz, California in 1984. He received his BFA as well as a BA in Art History from the University of Arizona, and went on to earn his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he was the recipient of a graduate fellowship. His work has been exhibited at Miami's Bass Museum, Frost Museum, and De la Cruz Collection, as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson, the Orlando Museum of Art, The Pablo Atchugarry Foundation in Uruguay, Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice, and Floodlight Foundation in New Delhi.


The monoprints, which lie between relief sculptures and etchings*, are cement on paper overlayed sometimes by a transparent layer of ink. Jonquil explores what is lost, gained, and transformed in the abyss of abstraction between three and two dimensions, when an object becomes an image. The work evokes a weightless space and delicate architecture on one hand, and a material gravity on the other. The blue transparency echoes his use of glass and light, even on this flat paper, light enters, passes through, and returns, sometimes as an image, sometimes as a bare awareness of materiality.