Dominique Labauvie (French b.1948) is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work exhibits a minimal esthetic within the sensibility of the sublime.  The intellectual and physical process of his practice is both rigorous and complex. He hand cuts, welds and manipulates steel into a linear sculpture invested by the space it occupies and the utopic levitation and gravity that they generate. Their territory is marked by a distinct graphic mapping, which seems to have negotiated magic with balance. Even though the natural landscape informs his work, Labauvie is in constant reflection about his environment, socio-political concerns, life and love.

Drawing and printmaking engraves the style of Labauvie's sculpture. Drawing is one of the mental references of the sculpture and in a sense it’s a form of partnership. The line informs us about the absent forms, as only the missing remain in our memories, our books, and in our images. The line attests to the desire of thought.

Dominique Labauvie was born in Strasbourg, France and now lives and works in Tampa, Florida. He is a recipient of the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation Grant and the Rome Prize. Labauvie has received numerous commissions for Public Sculptures in Europe and the United States. His work is exhibited internationally and is included in public and private collections worldwide.

Instagram: @labauviesculpture