I make work that indirectly reminds the viewer of a familiar vernacular. I use sculptural approaches to liberate the photograph from its processes, to speak of photography through materials not associated with the photograph at all. I have embraced a post-studio practice forcing myself to hunt through the world in search of bringing home pieces to construct a fictitious novel of contemporary experience through trauma, romance, and relic. Photograph, constructed environment, and found objects combine to point a finger at the false construction of realities propped up by historical mythologies of the world outside the gallery. By working indirectly, using clusters of signs, object orientation, and image manipulation I am interested in the poetic power of indirect associations as a gateway to address current political and social themes. The graphic nature of the internet heavily influences this method of working. I am interested in how the very nature of spontaneous screen-based collage influences and complicates our reception of often delicate or political content. By allowing the photographic language to speak, not only through the lens but also through the found object I hope to broaden the conversation around the reception of images.--